About Emma

I started my career in fitness over 25 years ago.  I loved exercising and wanted to learn how to teach others to get active too.  I completed my Fitness & Personal Trainer courses in 1995 and started work at Springs Health Club in Stockton.  I taught classes, completed fitness assessments / inductions for new members and I began working with my first Personal Training clients. 

After a few amazing years at Springs I took an opportunity to move to London to work in a top city gym called the Espree Health Club, Blackfriars.  It was while at Espree I honed my Personal Trainer skills both within the gym and with private clients. I loved seeing my clients evolve into fitter, healthier,  slimmer versions of themselves. 

In 2006 I married my soul mate and in 2008 we had our first baby. Unfortunately I developed  postnatal depression at which point we decided to move back to the North East.  Having family support and getting back into a regular routine with my exercise and nutrition were key to my recovery.

Over the last 12 years my business has grown to incorporate a very successful nutrition coaching division.  Results are 80% nutrition, 20% exercise and 100% mindset so helping clients with all 3 elements is why they enjoy such phenomenal results.  

I love to see clients face to face but equally love to work with clients over the phone or by face time.  I have loved evolving my business to fit with our current circumstances in fact it's opened up my client base to as far as Japan and Australia. 

My passion is helping clients evolve into the best version of themselves they can be.  

I take my own personal and professional development seriously. I resat my PT Qualifications last year to ensure they are fully up to date and have added to them.  I am fully insured and a member of the CIMSPA - Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

Here is a list of my current qualifications:

* Level 3 Personal Trainer

* Nutrition & Weight Management Coach

* Exercise for Fat Loss Specialist

* Core Trainer Specialist

* Pre & Post Natal Exercise Instructor

* GP Exercise Referral Qualified

I am currently studying towards:

* Back Pain Specialist

* Level 4 Personal Trainer