Darlington 10 Week Beginners Running Programme

Darlington 10 Week Beginners Running Programme

Day: Mondays

Time: 6.30pm

Start Date: 21st March 2022

Location: Stanhope Park Darlington


This unique 10 week programme which teaches women and girls how to run and to run with confidence. These sessions are fun, friendly and supportive.
Women and girls (12+) of any level of ability, size and ethnicity are encouraged to participate in this unique running programme.


This 10 week programme is designed for women only, to teach you the knowledge and techniques to run from complete beginner level to three miles.

Even if you are unfit and have never run before, the ‘Sisters R Doing It’ groups can help you get started giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals.


The sessions are friendly, fun and social offering encouragement, support and to help more people to run, and to run more often. All our run leaders are fully qualified, friendly, and supportive and aim to help and guide you through your running programme.


Also if you would like to join our FB group to get a feel for what we do please request access: