Hamsterley Run Fit for Women Girls - June 15th

Hamsterley Run Fit for Women Girls - June 15th

Next Session 15th June 2022


This ladies only session is aimed at helping you gain fitness and confidence around running. Set in our beautiful Hamsterley Forest and led by Qualified Run Leader & PT Emma this group will be fun, sociable, informative and will boost both your confidence, strength and fitness. 


Whether you have:


  • Never ran before

  • Run sometimes 

  • Run regularly 


You are welcome!  This group is open to ladies and girls age 14 + 

Emma is a Qualified Run England Leader who's led run groups and S&C groups for many years.  She is also a fully qualified and insured Level 3 Personal Trainer (soon to be level 4) with 25 years experience teaching. 




  • Improved confidence and fitness.

  • Improved endurance & reduced Fatigue

  • Stronger cardiovascular system

  • Reduced Risk of Injury

  • All the exercises we do are fab for toning your body too!


Every month during these sessions we will focus on solid foundations of functional running related movements and exercises. Each session will be slightly different but will always include elements of cardio, strength, conditioning, flexibility.


Whether you’ve never tried running before, or you are a beginner runner, an intermediate runner or even advanced you have a lot to gain from these sessions. The way they are structured means it doesn't matter about your pace or fitness, everything will be scaled to suit you.


Even if you are not a runner and you just want to do something active in a beautiful setting, to tone up and learn - you'll see huge benefits from this. You never know - you might just be inspired to try running after coming to these sessions.  


When:  Wednesday 15th June and every month thereafter 

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

Where:  Hamsterley Forest visitors centre

Cost:  £3 includes parking, the class, and a drink / biscuit afterwards.


What to wear / bring: Suitable active wear, trainers, head torch or chest light (during winter months).