MetaBoost Group PT

MetaBoost Group PT

These 45 min MetaBoost workouts do what they say on the tin! Whats that then? Read on:


1. You will burn fat! In traditional cardio workouts, you have to wait for your body to get into the “fat burning zone” but because of the way we'll workout during MetaBoost you'll be working at a higher intensity from the beginning of the workout, you will enter the fat burning zone after the first round and stay in it the entire workout. A subsequent result of this is that your body continues to burn fat long after your workout is complete. Nothing like continuing to burn fat while sitting on the couch eh?!


2. Protects muscle tissue. With the shorter length of MetaBoost workouts (45 minutes) your muscles are not put under the stress that often occurs during long stints of traditional cardio. Studies have also found that it increases lean muscle mass.

3. Time efficient. Short on time? The MetaBoost workout is for you. Due to the high intensity, these workout are perfect for those individuals who are short on time but value an effective and results-driven workout.


4. Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacities. Stamina and energy are both improved through the short bursts of hard work and by sustaining this work over time, aerobic capacity is increased as well.


5. Boost Mood. High-intensity training has been proven to yield important mental health benefits. It helps to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.


With these amazing benefits yours for the taking, make MetaBoost your workout of choice!


Your sessions will all be lead by myself, Emma - a fully qualified and insured Level 3 PT with 25 years experience of blasting fat!


Do contact with any questions you have before booking.


7 week block £35


PAYG £5.50